As much as a pain it is to deal with fumes, do so, as for the safety of you and others nearby.


Or how to enjoy fume free driving…

I have a slight problem with the 924 S and a smell of petrol in the cabin. I bought a spare fuel tank to swap out for the one in the car and hopefully fix the problem, both are detailed in ‘Great Balls of Fire‘ and ‘The fuel tank conundrum!‘ respectively.

While I had a spare fuel tank to fit to the 924 S which looked to be in reasonable condition I was a little reluctant to fit it to the car as is given the experience to date:

    • the original fuel tank on the car leaked
    • a replacement 924 S fuel tank supplied and fitted leaked
    • a 924 2.0 NA tank supplied by me hasn’t leaked but there’s a strong smell of fumes

    Definitely only wanting to go through the rigmarole of fitting the tank once I decided to…

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