Ummm, why even have this?

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Metabo Porsche Design Multihammer rotary drill-limited edition!!

It’ssss Crazies design Power Tool ever PORSCHE DESIGN Multihammer I’m sure you’ll never imagine this HOT Stuff.

Deskripsi Produk:

Presisi, kuat, cepat dan mampu menghadapi setiap tantangan dengan mudah: P’7911. Sebuah multihammer yang mencakup semua fungsi kunci dari bor dan palu pneumatik: palu pengeboran di batu, memahat, pengeboran di kayu dan logam, dan menyekrup.

Desain bercampur dengan keawetan yang handal 

Sebuah palu rotary sempurna. Dikurangi menjadi fungsi kunci: palu pengeboran di batu, memahat, pengeboran di kayu dan logam, disekrup. Dengan perumahan dari aluminium dan karbon ditambah ergonomi revolusioner. Dikembangkan sebagai hasil dari kerjasama antara Desain Porsche dan METABO, P’7911 adalah kombinasi ideal estetika dan kualitas tanpa kompromi karena tidak hanya bersinar di luar, tetapi juga bandel.

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Saw this car at Rennsport IV. Probably for me, a huge highlight that weekend. When is the next Rennsport?

Classic Car Weekly

1972 Porsche 917/10 Spyder

Offered by Mecum Auctions | Monterey, California | August 18, 2012

Can-Am was an amazing race series with innovation and pure power and speed being the most important things. There were few rules and the cars were over the top. Porsche had little success in 1970 with its underpowered 908 and 917PA models (they won a single race with a privateer team). In 1971, with factory backing, the 917/10 was introduced into the series, as the hardtop 917 was not eligible. The engine was a flat-12, but it didn’t make enough power.

So for 1972, Porsche strapped two turbochargers to the engine of 5.0-liters (this car was upgraded to 5.4-liters mid-1973), and with enough boost they could crank the power up over 1150. The wins came about as quick as this cars 0-60mph sprint of 2.9 seconds. This Penske-prepped car won the 1972 Can Am Championship…

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Stopping isn’t my cars only downfall, it doesn’t want to turn around.


Loyal readers may remember the almost trouble free starting of my various cars a few weeks ago.

Well I now have the 911 certified and registered and on the road. This wasn’t without some drama however. Despite going very well after 15 months sitting still, it didn’t stop very well – or even at all, really.

Driving it to the Powerhaus across Wellington to be certified was an adventure. Every set of traffic lights required a lot of pre-warning and frantic brake pressing as the car slowly, slowly, slowly came to a stop. Usually just inches behind the car in front.

The brakes are all fixed now and we are back in action – and I have to say, the lads did a great job tuning the car. It hasn’t run better in the last 5 years.

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