Bauer Porsche Expansion

It is likely that you may not be aware of the shop’s newest location from where it spent the last 47 years. Newly located at 444 23rd Street, Oakland, California it is less than a 1/2 block away from ground zero of Oakland Art Murmur.

Oakland’s Art Murmur is a fast growing local underground art community in the immediate area.   More importantly, it is a testament to the fact that local residences have been flooding into the area during the amazing evening events, held “after work” the first Friday of every month.  It is such a success, other local residences are modeling an outlet for local artists to also take part.  Be sure to visit and the for more information.

We strive to be open during the art murmur hours only because as any industrial designer will tell you Porsche Ing. is a completely an art form. Come over and sport your Porsche design aficionado anytime you feel like it


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