Where makes the perfect scenic route?

As someone who has spent his lifetime finding unique roads to grab road rubber too, I have devised what my wife refers to me as the “scenic route”.  Whether coming back from what would be a mundane drive home, I often choose the “scenic route”.

To define a scenic route, there are several attributes that must apply.  Unfortunately for many, the highway patrol also likes to frequent the best part of the ride, just to keep you honest.  Never the less, this brings up one of most important aspects of this kind of route.

“Play” Sports Car Friver!

One can look up the word “play”, and discover the definition of “play” to be long and arduous.  Having to write out ten times the definition of playing my fourth grade result for misbehaving, I got to learn all its aspects.  Actually “playing” makes me wonder how many other past Porsche owners ended up with that same punishment as well. 🙂  This then brings up the main aspect of the “perfect scenic route” destination home.   The perfect route has to be the most fun route.   Since really, you want to at very least want to fully warm your Porsche before letting it retire for the day in a parking lot, this very single attribute to driving opens up multiple opportunities.    Planning that über perfect cruise to work and back then brings up some fantastic cliché’s.  Avoiding any traffic jams, stop and go, long traffic lights, near schools or kids, badly maintained roads is the main objective.  However, open less frequented roads, curves, straightaways, climbs, wide new pavements, lack of intersections, shady trees all might meet the best of scenic routes.  Even if it takes you out of your way, driving such kinds of roads lends itself to fun.  No longer will the worry of lugging your engine or having to stop and go in and out of shifting clutches or simply sitting at an idle make your drive route unpleasant.   It is that particular smile you cannot wipe off your face, that guilty pleasure, that almost music to your ears sensation that even your car paint color graces the background.  Most Porsche owners know to get out early, be back late, and maybe avoid driving late at night.   You want to get the most out of those sticky tires.

So when looking for the perfect scenic route home, over ten miles of driving, without stops, with a mix of various kinds of road situations (straightaways, curves, hills) your Porsche will like you, your problems melt away and you are on your very own “play” home.

Tito Young, 69 Porsche 911T Soft Window Targa


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