911 to 997 and beyond

Its always been the essence of Porsche ownership that might lend itself to a modern way of motoring.  As there is a direction in comfort, performance and safety the full aspect of industrialist to consumer vs. development to continue to invent.    Porsche is unique because there had been several times in their history the development of certain models of their cars hitting perfection.  Though easy to see from outside or driving the car, the real perfection is revealed if you are able to see from under the car.    It is from there when you notice something new, such as the location of the transmission and engine, the way it is physically attached to the frame.   The spacings are the perfect to gracefully layout plumbing such as a gas lines and exhaust.   Its as if there had been more than a generic solution of puzzle pieces but that every part had a reason.   When I was a new 911 owner, I understood that something special was going on, while it was very hard to put my finger on it.

My belief is you never really will fully understand this excellence unless you are able to get to wrench on parts. I mean, replacing water pumps for water-cooled engines, installing clutches, adjustments of doors or cabriolet tops, installing shocks and many other projects.   Even making adjustments and repairs to headlight housing or pedal cluster has amazing levels of logic to it.

As cars move into the future these particular ease of repairs are actually sensible.  Getting the cars up on a rack and making it possible to reach in and access every bolt.   Of course, if you had mechanics design cars one could imagine a large flat board with wheels on every corner.  Then every single part would be accessible.  Though sensible, tearing into parts through nuts and bolts is an organized series of disassemble and removal until you can get access.   In the past certain models makes it far more labor intensive than other parts.    At times you would get at a part from the top, then the bottom, then back from the top again.   Diagnosis of course, would need to occur long before even bringing a car to the lift or before disassemble.   However, as with all things in life, that might and likely need to happen.  Reassemble would happen in that order as well.   The 1998 Firebird V6 is probably the toughest car to do any work.  Changing spark plugs includes removing out all the interior and dashboard.   This kind of repair sensibility and understanding is what makes the auto mechanics most sensible.

As we move into the future and more and more kinetics and ergonomics to be performed by those that have to reach part replacement, we need to keep one thing in mind.  Just like the outside look at the car, is the work on the inside a resemblance?




Thinking about customizing your Porsche ride?

When I was a new classic Porsche owner I always would constantly surf the internet, looking for vastly rich examples of how to better modify my Porsche.  Call it a sickness, but  I remember being up till the wee hours of the morning looking at parts such as interesting oil coolers, fog lights, cold air filters, wheels,  suspension, and brake upgrades till my fingers go numb and I started seeing cross-eyed.  My brain would wow and flutter to uncontrollable spasms at staring at the options of exhaust muffler, reusable oil filters, pistons and cylinders, CV parts, jacks, diagnostic tools and even the huge selection of Porsche propaganda paraphernalia that not always gets connect on the car.   How many car enthusiasts before me would also be after the perfect ride?   There are hundreds of thousands of web articles, thousands of books, hundreds of car magazines, dozens of car museums the would cover the subject in building the best ride.   With all of that in mind, how does one think about upgrades and changes?

During the heyday of Porsche driving in the 70s, classic cruising include the modify for larger wheels, changing of bumpers, switching seats, and upgrading out shocks/brakes/suspension systems.  If conversion were left up to consumer, often the result would less than desirable.

In some cases, come severe upgrades makes some Porsche unrecognizable.

Factory Porsche leave the factory perfect for consumer-ship in a thirsty American market.   The American Market, however were not one’s to leave “perfection” alone.  While some Porsche was used for street, others were used weekend racing or full out racing.    It didn’t take Porsche that long to recognize that this American market needed a supplement owners manual to help them do so.    Porsche would then have upgrade techniques and options that would allow these conversations. The idea was almost coined, drive your 911 to work Monday through Friday, and use your car for the track on weekends.  There were even full page advertising showing owners

Silverstone 1967

In some cases, notable race car drivers would be featured to drive events, drawing more buyers into a more insatiable market.  These cars would be stripped down and whatever it would take to give them edges in making the faster, it was done.  Its hard to hide the fact that all Porsche models are passenger cars.  Driver comfort then would be removed to reduce track times.   The car would go on a major diet, removing leather door panels and carpeted flooring surfaces.  It was some much of a need to promote the illusion of speed, at one point, even Porsche offered bolt – on modifcations at the dealership that could share with you ways to customize your vehicle for track use with all the possibilities of returning to factory setup or your own option to customize your car to your personality.  This personalization included changing out items such as wheel, tires, window tinting, stereos, headlights, steering wheels, engine swaps, suspension and braking upgrades and extra roll cage upgrades.    The changes say a particular customization measured and often suggested by either a dealership or by regulations set by race clubs.   While some of the kinds of changes do not affect the car’s performance to regular street driving others could change the car to handle off-road, drag racing, track and autocross.

Therefore, Porsche cannot simply be just any form of transportation.  

The owners, unlike the extreme spectrum of drivers everywhere, cannot be simply pegged into one kind of user.   Thus there are truly many kinds of owners, whether it’s a tuner, a teenager, the business CEO, or that little old lady from Pasadena.  Most importantly, it’s also that particular balance act of needing a measurement.  

The measurement, would be making your car ideal for a specific need.

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Its having to keep up a bit of ritual, such as how not to lock yourself out of your car’s potential.   I suppose with enough money and energy you could win races if you have a great drive and the ability to keep a keen eye on maintenance.   It’s mostly the older school Porsche that need you more than you need it, customizing your street driving is all about making an excuse getting in the thing, to go somewhere… far…very far.    All of the street modifications you might bolt on your car might be rendered useless unless you drive the thing.  As the trend returns the car to how the factory intended it, maybe those guys in Stuttgart did get it right the first time around.  If you have means to be given a choice for any Porsche restoration, go factory.

10 top ways to hide a huge Porsche repair from your Sig Other.

10. Go to a local costume/makeup store and purchase the broken nose / gouged eye mask and wear after coming home with your car. Have her drop you off the at Emergency room and claim you’ll come on the bus. Tip: Remove mask before getting home. When she sees the bill weeks later, tell her its from the Emergency Room bill.

9. Recreate your bill on a Tiffany’s stationary and “accidentally” place it somewhere near where you keep your reading material next to the head. Then go out and buy her a 1ct. diamond ring from “Imposters” for a $150.00.

8. Say you purchased 5500 shares of Nvidia Corporation at the beginning of 2010.

7. You cashed a paycheck, and was held up by a group of teen thugs.

6. You bought a used car for your teenager, but it was so mechanically bad, the jalopy swerved out and fell into a levy. You were able to jump out just in time.

5. You are at popular Fleur de Lys in Mandalay Bay and you have been drinking beer. Unfortunately you get so drunk that you happily yell… “drinks on the house”. Everyone in the bar orders Liquid Gold* a cocktail.

*Liquid Gold is sold by the ounce for $175. Made with Grand Marnier Centenaire, Louis XIII Cognac, Krug Grand Cru Champagne, Fee Brothers West Indian Orange Bitters and raw sugar garnished with 23-karat gold leafing and a burnt orange twist.

4. You gave a donation to a favorite charity, turns out they were a front for laundering cash,

3. While at Mandalay Bay, you admit that you are a problem gambler and that you have already checked-in to G.A.

2. Tell her the money had been gone a longer than that. You ran into a short guy in an expensive executive suit and a wearing a baseball cap, named “Bernie M.”

1. A Mexican cartel loan shark wanted to collect an original loan plus interest. Unfortunately for you, the interest was 1000% the original loan that he failed to tell you.