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The Monthlymagazine, page 11, has some fun regarding a collaborative car lovers, writer Paul Kilduff, a 1969 Porsche 911T SWT, and a pint size dog adventure. There are lots of wonderful advertisers so be sure to check some out. The article “Driven to Distraction” is a one-of-a-kind guide for the upwardly mobile car lover.

March 2012 edition


Recently heard Porsche quotes.

1.  “The car never wins, never, ever.  Man controls the operation and functionality of the car, not the other way around.”

2.  “Always bring a modified car back to factory specifications.  For certain demanding customers, make it better than factory.”

3.  “Because any car will have wear and tear, it will break sooner or later.  The skill is recognizing that break before it happens.”

4.  “If the car acts, sounds, feels or starts to smell funny, look at it before it gets worse.”

5.  “Never feel out of control, rather, let the car’s overall natural balance give feeling.”

6.  “Taking care of your Porsche can make it last almost forever.”

For Diplomats – Porsche Panamera 4S

When I learned that IMF Chief Strauss Kahn personal car was a black Porsche Panamera S, I couldn’t help to think of a more perfect car for quick getaways from hotel rooms to airports.

This premium class four door – four seat sports car is everything the rave.  Built for racetrack or parked at executive valet lots this 3.6L V6 is nothing less than for the flaunting playboy millionaire.  Leather seats holds all occupants safely with room to fill out important documents and signing using expensive pens.  The chauffeur would have full control with having trust worthy all wheel drive.  He could accelerate it from 0-60mph in less than 5.2 seconds to get away from pesky paparazzi who only have slow slug moving motor-scooters.

Unique is the Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) and VarioCam Plus to get this 16/24 mpg car all the way to 400 hp.

The French diplomat Chief Strauss Kahn almost made the clean getaway but should have bought the even faster Panamera Turbo that would clean Border and slipped away back to France.     I mean, he must of knew someone was chasing him by getting to listen to the news blotter on his uncompromising sound system by Burmester.

Now if would simply understand that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had bought himself a more important looking Panamera, rather than his 911 Turbo, he may have found himself free of similar and drove himself somewhere far.

The Unforgettable Prince William and Princess Catherine Middletown Wedding Car.

Just this morning, Prince William and Catherine Middletown drive away in their green Aston Martin DB5 convertible. Such a wonderful scene it would be witnessing her being whisked away in such traditional manner. It caught my eye, because I do remember another more fictional marriage with James Bond (George Lazenby) and Tracy di Vicenzo-BondThis is a featured page (Diana Rigg) in the film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. Complete with ribbons and flowers watching the Brits sensational couple cruise away to their hidden honeymoon. Lets hope the press will reviews as it as romantic news.

This brought to my attention what might have been other unforgettable wedding cars, specifically Porsches that might have been used. I’ve come to realize that maybe there is something that has to be the most traditional in marriages, not between the driver and his car, but rather that “other wife”.

Mind you.. .some of these images might make some of us “purists” go completely blind, so I would suggest to then simply press the little red X on the upper right hand corner, but here goes.

Now for the rest of you, there has been some rather good solutions, including renting a Porsche, should you want to make a statement. That mad dash ditching the shower of rice from the Church doors, down flight of steps, to a warm car has to be graceful to all the onlooking eyes. Could it be the perfect wheels adorned in red and yellow roses, a bash of tulips and silk ribbons might be another off to one’s honeymoon’s solution?

Photographer’s Checklist:

Groom and Bride photo

Bride and Bridesmaids

Best Man and Groom

and finally the car, before guests and mother and law and so on. Just kidding folks. 😉

Its seems photographers might tend to gravitate to fancy cars with unique styling all because they do offer some reward. At the bride and groom rev up to red line, tires spin and the car takes off like a bat. One grins at such iconic thoughts but I am sure it rests in everyone’s mind. One of course then hope that you not have to be mishap by the local highway patrol but hey..what are those chances anyways?

There are certain kind of rules on how to adorn any car with flowers and ribbons, where symmetry is good, along with an eye for contrasting/complimenting colors. The better the contrast, the better you can you glaze one’s eye on the paint. Be sure too that you’re not so carried away that you can’t get into the limited trunk space and or the passenger and driver side doors. Visibility isn’t super important, because, anyways, one’s eye should be glued to their new spouse. There has been a certain keen prospect were you might be caught with a low fuel tank or need to check the darn oil, so too.. as ones Porsche get wrapped, certain levels of mechanical access is well spoken for.

Everyone has a special identity to films like “The Graduate”, “The Godfather” and even “Harold and Maude” where matrimonial outcomes have the cars as actors. Should a little bit of each of us be identified with that charasmatic attribute, we might think of other more famous films where Porsche is involved. Sadly.. I don’t think they exist. Apparently, for the most part, film writers rather think of Porsche owners in two categories, forever single and one being a born lead foot. That romantic getaway with your Porsche and your new bride is simply not in the silver screen. In desperation of providing some kind of good material to research on the subject, I then looked into any celebrities that might have used a Porsche to tie the note. We.. to no avail, it seems as of now, this particular subject is one sided for now.

As for the Prince and Princess, we here at A. Bauer Repair, Oakland, California wish them and their new families the joy and love they can have with their friends and the world. It still makes me wonder what they might have looked like had it been a Porsche. Makes you wonder if they own one tucked away in Windsor Castle, England?

10 top ways to hide a huge Porsche repair from your Sig Other.

10. Go to a local costume/makeup store and purchase the broken nose / gouged eye mask and wear after coming home with your car. Have her drop you off the at Emergency room and claim you’ll come on the bus. Tip: Remove mask before getting home. When she sees the bill weeks later, tell her its from the Emergency Room bill.

9. Recreate your bill on a Tiffany’s stationary and “accidentally” place it somewhere near where you keep your reading material next to the head. Then go out and buy her a 1ct. diamond ring from “Imposters” for a $150.00.

8. Say you purchased 5500 shares of Nvidia Corporation at the beginning of 2010.

7. You cashed a paycheck, and was held up by a group of teen thugs.

6. You bought a used car for your teenager, but it was so mechanically bad, the jalopy swerved out and fell into a levy. You were able to jump out just in time.

5. You are at popular Fleur de Lys in Mandalay Bay and you have been drinking beer. Unfortunately you get so drunk that you happily yell… “drinks on the house”. Everyone in the bar orders Liquid Gold* a cocktail.

*Liquid Gold is sold by the ounce for $175. Made with Grand Marnier Centenaire, Louis XIII Cognac, Krug Grand Cru Champagne, Fee Brothers West Indian Orange Bitters and raw sugar garnished with 23-karat gold leafing and a burnt orange twist.

4. You gave a donation to a favorite charity, turns out they were a front for laundering cash,

3. While at Mandalay Bay, you admit that you are a problem gambler and that you have already checked-in to G.A.

2. Tell her the money had been gone a longer than that. You ran into a short guy in an expensive executive suit and a wearing a baseball cap, named “Bernie M.”

1. A Mexican cartel loan shark wanted to collect an original loan plus interest. Unfortunately for you, the interest was 1000% the original loan that he failed to tell you.