The days before the Internet we would have not noticed anyone outside our bubble exist.

Brown Car

Tomorrow is the vintage races down at Pacific Raceways. Need to get the car cleaned up a little. Washed and dried the car, then applied a thin layer of wax. By far the most time-consuming part is drying the car. I have 15 or so microfiber towels, but still important to get all the water off so it doesn’t spot. What did people do in the old days before the internet? Maybe let the sun dry their car?

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t dry the car, but I bet I started doing it in the past 10 years. Hmm.

I’m really happy with the Collinite 915. Smells good, goes on easy, terrific deep shine, and the can seems to be lasting forever. On with a sponge, wait a while for it to glaze white. Swipe with finger to check that its dry, then gently wipe the wax…

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