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TYROL, AUSTRIA — It’s safe to say that some eight years and two generations of Cayenne later, this high-powered sports-car-like SUV from Porsche is no longer an anomaly. In fact, as it has sold just shy of 60,000 units in 2011 alone, it’s probably OK to call it a Porsche portfolio mainstay. So I can see why it’s smart to keep the brand fresh and offer up the unique and trendy packages that customers of an SUV like this want.

The latest Cayenne is the second release of a GTS model, shown earlier this year at the Beijing auto show.  Sliding in between the 400-horsepower V8 version and the V8 turbo top-of-the-line Cayenne, the new GTS tweaks the V8’s performance by coaxing another 20 hp out of the big block. Looks-wise, the subtle yet unmistakable changes of a blacked-out fascia and wheel components of the GTS will make it instantly…

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