Las Vegas and Wustefest was fun as usual. I wasn’t out there for Wuste to be honest. I had a prior trip planned for my new wife and I, and Wuste just happened to be taking place. I didn’t make a day out of it, but it was a must to stop by and snap some pics.

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Just about all Porsche fans like Flying Lizard racing teams.

Lister (Photographer)

This last weekend, at the Le Mans test, I became an honorary Lizard for a couple of days, standing in for the team’s regular photographer, Bob Chapman.

For those of you who don’t already know, the Flying Lizard team, based out of Sonoma, California, have competed with some considerable success (winning multiple championships) in the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) and also at the Le Mans 24 Hours for many years now.

This year, the team have two GT3 Porsches entered for the 24 hours next week. One car in the GTE Pro Class (Bergmeister/Long/Holzer) and one car in the GTE Am class (Neiman/Pumpelly/Pilet).

There was no lounging around for these lizards. They are a top line professional team operating in top line professional motorsport and they were great fun to be around and to work with.

I look forward to watching their progress in the coming week.

The Lizards’…

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A shifter and clutch pedal is critical for a driving experience, don’t let us get dumb out of having it anymore.

Brake Banzeen!

This bit of news brought a massive smile to my face. The death of the manual transmission was nearing until Porsche came in with its 7-speed self-shifter. According to reports, it seems like BMW is soon to follow suit. It’s no secret that manual gearboxes aren’t as efficient as automatics. And since we live in these trying economic times, the auto definitely has the upper hand.

To many enthusiasts, the manual is just as crucial to the driving experience as the steering wheel. And hopefully, BMW is recognizing its significance with its latest filed patent. The Munich firm’s application highlights two potential systems:

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