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The Days of Wine & Tulips

Two hours of traffic to get there and two hours back to the freeway. Luckily it was a perfectly sunny top-down Red Porsche Carrera day. The trip was worth viewing the vibrant colors and wishing not so many people were there to share it.

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Ever since returning to Wellington my cars have sat, in garages, unused. Given their ages, starting them up after a 12 month hiatus isn’t as simple as turning the key and cranking. Just sitting still doing nothing means all manner of things could fail, break or seize. So I enlisted the help of a qualified expert to assist with the process.

Young Reuben works for the garage that regularly services the cars so he knows them well. He also, singlehandedly, finished building the Spyder over the last few years so is definitely the right man for the job.

Late last week he turned up at home with spare batteries, jumper leads, oil, spanners, screwdrivers, hammers, blocks of wood, in fact pretty much everything he needed to repair the cars, or even rebuild them from scratch. Game on.

We talked about what might happen when the keys were turned. It could be…

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Yet another historics event that would be well worth watching.


Dessie Nutt is aiming to move up into the top four of the British Historic Rally Championship leaderboard when he contests this weekend’s Severn Valley Stages at the wheel of a Tuthill Porsche prepared Porsche 911. London-based Edmund Peel will join Nutt in a second Tuthill-prepared car.

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