If I can ever get to Japan, I want visit him. Does he sell these cars?


RWB – Rauh Welt Begriff, is Nakai-San automotive persona. For me, he’s one of the 3 tuners/builders/modifiers (whatever…) that I truly admire, in no particular order: Singer, Ruf, RWB. All completely different in scope, execution, objective and cost. It just shows how mind-boggling diverse, the Porsche 911 galaxy actually is.

Nakai-San is the consummate artisan. His cars show a much stronger concern for visuals rather than for internals. Which doesn’t mean that they’re left out of the package, it’s just that the body mods have such an inherent aggression and rawness that goes so well with older (air) 911’s.

I really crave the pics from his workshop and him at work. There’s an appealing apparent disorder and a strong hot-rodding ambiance, while we watch him finessing a huge fender flare…

Take a look at the incredible tight fit between fender and wheel ! One of his trademarks.

He gives each…

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