An no, it’s not the same to paint you 911 green. It is the same same to make your own exclusive club.

Cars and all that in-between

Porsche has revealed a new 911 model which is set to be a members only car. The car was built to celebrate the clubs 60th anniversary and only 13 of the cars were built. The reason for the number 13 is because of the original 13 drivers that started Club Porsche all those many years ago. I am sure some hardcore Porsche fans that are not a club member will be crying over the fact that they will not be getting their hands on this beast of a machine. There will be a draw out of the 118 000 current members to see which ones will be able to purchase the car and 1 of them will remain at Porsche AG.

The car has a custom Brewster green paint color which is unique when compared to any car in the world. It has 20 inch Sport Techno rims which does…

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