This is probably one of the most inspiring bits of technical aspired writings on Porsche tuning you’ll ever see. The underlay materials just to make an arrival of automotive modification cannot be ignored: the sports car ideals lives on.


When it comes to tuners (I would call it an improver) in the Porsche world, nothing comes really close to RUF. The amount of detail, testing and thinking that goes to into their cars is mind blowing. For that reason, the german authorities consider them as an automobile manufacturer, enabling them to put their own VIN in their cars. Below, the story of RUF as told by its founder is addictive and charming as his strong passion for cars, and Porsches in particular, comes across quite strongly.

RUF history part I –

RUF history part II –

RUF history part III –

RUF history part IV –

One of his greatest icons / achievements was the original CTR aka “Yellowbird”, for years the fastest, street legal, production car.

This was followed years later by the CTR2, based on a 993.

And, quite recently, by the CTR3. This was almost a…

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