Juliette Loughran

Elizabeth Taylor was a woman who loved a jewel or two and by the end of her life she’d amassed a truly unbelievable collection. We’re talking SERIOUS jewels – diamonds in every shape, cut and colour, emeralds, sapphires, endless carats from the best jewellers in the world not to mention The Krupp diamond, now known as the Taylor-Burton diamond.

So when Christie’s staged an auction to sell Taylor’s impressive collection, it was always going to be quite literally an auction of a lifetime….and the perfect chance to see just how much the world valued the “Elizabeth Taylor’ premium at.

Catalogue estimates showed only the intrinsic value of each item, so when the starting price for the tiara husband Mike Todd bought her went from $60,000 to $3,700,000 it showed just how significant the “Elizabeth Taylor” premium really was.

Perhaps not surprising then, when Steve McQueen’s 1970 Porsche 911S, featured in the opening…

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    • It is clear if you want to world class attention from some woman, just offering a chance for her to be on a date with a diamond dress is tops. The key is a great pair of matching shoes.

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