CBS St. Louis

Is it time to call the car industry recovered? In April, automakers sold vehicles at a rate that analysts say will only get better as dealers head into the spring selling season.

Sales numbers are being reported today from around the auto industry, and early on, some of the strongest numbers are coming from Chrysler. The automaker, in alliance with Fiat, says its sales were up 20 percent over a year ago, on the strength of new model lines.

Elsewhere in Detroit, Ford’s sales were off by 5 percent, while General Motors watched its sales drop 8 percent. Both were in line with expectations. Among other big automakers, Volkswagen posted a 31.5-percent increase, while Toyota rebounded from its year-ago stagger after the March 11 earthquake, reporting a 25.5-percent rise in sales for the month.

April’s strong numbers weren’t quite as brisk as those in March, when automakers posted a seasonally adjusted…

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