IMS Failure… how serious, should you be concerned?

Here at A. Bauer Repair, just about every other day, the ominous IMS failure becomes a topic. More often than not, the person brings up this subject because either they already own or want to buy a boxster or one of those super cool 996/997.

The IMS failure is an expensive ordeal much less fun than brain surgery. There is a part in your boxster/996/997 known as the “Intermediate Shaft”.

Splitting the crank case in half you can find The Porsche oil pump positioned next to the intermediate shaft. As the central heart of the engine, the shaft is controlled installed with timing chains, crank shaft and connecting rods.

Obviously to get to the IMS, at least for the Boxster or 996, you gotta drop the engine, then split the case and there it is. Not particularly a very cheap proposition.





You can read on the procedure of repair, but lets talk about prevention or signs of potential failure. One thing to keep in mind is always get your oil changed at your local Porsche shop or dealer, where trained eyes can look for the signs of the bearing starting to shred apart, and catching the replacement before totaling your engine. Also, consider getting your oil changes sooner than just a recommended schedules. If you drive a little timid, feel free to be a little more spirited with your car, but for gosh sakes, don’t over do it.

Its these very flakes, gold in color is what is the major culprit in the Porsche 986. There are at this very moment, thousand upon thousands of boxster owners that either dealt this this first and or will have this be a reality. Don’t be one of them… have your car checked.

993, 996, 997 (non-turbo) owners? You could be in the clear, but don’t count on it. Get your car to a service dealer soon, if you haven’t already. Remember, its important to keep that matching engine if you can, for your car.



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