I don’t think the trucks affected the 917s background. Very nice lighting, and and feel of speed in that shot. Did you get out to Rennsport IV, because after attending, I had learned my overall perception of these car only can be fully appreciated with them driven full tilt.

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English version:
Good motorsport fans sure to quickly locate this car. Is the Porsche 917K Steve McQueen leading the legendary film Le Mans in 1970, with its distinctive blue and orange.

On the occasion of the Espíritu de Montjuic, 2012, met in Montmeló many treasures of the competition driver. Walking through the paddock I found this car parked and quickly decided to photograph it.

The first thing I tried to convey is the sheer size of this car and how impressive it is. For this I chose a low angle, and a photograph at the eyes, does not much interest.

The second part is to decide what focal length to use. For this I mounted a 14-42mm Olympus, which is the maximum angle at my disposal. The angles make things look bigger than they really are. It is also necessary to approach as much asthe subject, in this case the…

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    • Hello. Surely. We have lots of background on Porsche and much on the industries. The cool part is with emerging technologies we hope we can inspire others to own air cooled engines or modify them as such.

    • Thanks for the lesson-

      So, how would you shoot a race car, like a 917, in daytime?
      If you were following a 917, or behind it, in another race car how would you shoot it?

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