The German corvette, this car is not nimble like a 911, but growls and slugs punches ripping down freeways. I’d get one to cruise Interstates.

Sports Cars of the 1970s

The Porsche 928 was first shown at the 1977 Geneva Motor Show. This car was originally meant to replace the Porsche 911 however that never ended up happening and both models were sold side by side until the 928 ended production in 1995. The Porsche 928 had very good handling for a grand touring sports car. This can be attributed to its perfect 50/50 weight distribution. The V8 engine was mounted at the front and the trans-axle at the rear to help with weight distribution.

The 928 never sold as many units as Porsche had hoped, but it has a strong group of enthusiasts within the Porsche community. Some Porsche purist often turn their back on anything that isn’t a 911, however the 928 could match up with the 911 on the track due to its V8 power and predictable handling.

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