Well, Aren't You Funny?

   A young man inherited a considerable amount of cash. The first thing he does it purchase a brand new Porsche 911 convertible. Cruising around town, he’s just looking for people to admire him and his new car.

   As he’s sitting a a stoplight, an old man rides up next to him on a vintage racing bike. The old man looks over and says, “Nice car.” The young guy beams with pride. “It should be, it cost me a pretty penny,” he replied. “Is it fast?” the old gentlemen asks, as he leans over the passenger-side door to get a better look inside. “Fast?” the young guy repeats, taking the old man’s comment as a challenge. “You have no idea how fast this thing is.” The old man chuckles at the younger guy’s boasting, and the young guy is a little miffed.

   “I’ll show him,” the young guy thinks to himself…

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