I’m one to be critical of spoilers but those are kinds plastered on with aftermarket areo kits and never tested with wind tunnels. Engineering has physic solutions that identifies functionality as long as the model input is correct. With that said, aesthetics or subjective aspects to physics should always be formulated and expressed. Nice wing!

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To all you self proclaimed car experts, and home study engineers, please do your proper research before voicing your opinion on the internet.  Yes, far too many modified vehicles use  rear spoilers that serve little to no function to a vehicle’s performance, but that doesn’t mean EVERY spoiler on EVERY vehicle serves no function.  I hate it when a group of people get together and just jump to conclusions.  “Car looks ok, but what’s up with that spoiler, it needs to be removed NOW”.  News flash, depending on what the vehicle was built to do and the driving characteristics of the car itself, spoilers do serve a purpose!  Aggressive spoiler does not automatically equal ricer.  Please, brush up on your knowledge, because only you look foolish when you question a wind tunnel designed chassis.  Thank you.

Strength & Honor,

Robert Chew


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