Great interesting story- hmmm. Red Square itself is a block long, with a block of space leading in and a block leading out. There is enough space to hold a modern LA freeway within!

Impala Adventures

When I was growing up, Russia and The West were at loggerheads over issues that I had no understanding of at the time. The Cold War was what it was called, which I suppose referred to the fact that each “side” was not actually blowing each other up. It was a chilling time if you thought about it too much as there was, I remember, a lot of “The End of The World is Nighing”!! Around this time in Portsmouth my friends and I actually saw one of those surreal much cartooned subjects: a man walking around with boards draped over his shoulders declaring the fact that our days were actually numbered.

On television there was a lot of posturing with spy ships, they shadowed fleets wandering around purposefully in the North Atlantic exercising for the big day. One event that always left a lasting impression in my mind was…

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