Also, for others that DIY and change bulbs, please be careful of wattage. Too high of a wattage will scorch the lens and lamp.

Brown Car

Picked up car yesterday at Eurotech. Old headlight bucket removed, new one installed. Unfortunately Mark got a new bucket from the dealer, this is a later edition made for the 993 and doesn’t have the brackets attached to it that my car needs. Mark fabricated and welded on brackets, it looks great but that drove up the cost quite a bit.

I checked the work when I picket up the car today I opened it up again to look more closely. Here’s the poor beast with its eyeballs removed. Don’t worry sweety its just temporary.

Mark did a nice job with the paint. Here is the new bucket with new brackets (flash made it sparkle):

Compare with the old:

And finally all put together:

See? Nothing that money couldn’t fix.

In hindsight I should have sourced the bucket myself, I didn’t know the dealer bucket didn’t come with brackets, didn’t know…

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