Well, Aren't You Funny?

   Two college kids were making the rounds of the neighborhood wanting to earn some money for school. They weren’t having much luck, so they decided to stop at the biggest house in the neighborhood, proposition the homeowner, and they weren’t going to take no for an answer.

   They knocked on the door and the homeowner answered. “Good evening, sir. Do you have any odd jobs we can do to earn some money?”

   “No,” he replied.

   The college kid wedged his foot in the door. “But sir,” he continued, “Surely there is something we can do to earn some money; mow your yard? clean your garage? empty your trash? clean out the gutters? Annnnything?

   “OK,” the man said, “I’ll pay you each $50 to get the gallon of green paint in the garage, take it around back, and paint the porch.” “Oh, thank you, sir, thank you,” one boy…

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