It’s really too bad cars of this classic level of beauty now become more and more least likely to be on the road. I’ve seen one driven by me a couple of times and its when they ate moving makes them look best.


In his extraordinary reference work Excellence was Expected Karl Ludvigsen quotes Ferdinand Alexander Porsche on his design of the 904. “It was my favorite because I did it alone and there wasn’t this fight to change it or make it newer. It was designed and finished.  Time was very short. I didn’t have a free hand but it had to appear so soon after the clay model there was really no time for interference.”

-Karl Ludvigsen. “Excellence was Expected,” Chapter 15, 904: Beauty with Speed, page 313.

The first time I saw the Porsche 904 it resonated deeply.  It was one of those designs so flawless in proportion and detail that one wouldn’t change a thing. It was consummate example of “Butzi” Porsche’s philosophy:  “A coherently designed product requires no adornment; it should be enhanced by its form alone.”   One of the primary reasons I bought my  Porsche Cayman was…

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