Linking VW, Porsche and almost 100% all other cars is a monopoly business owned by Robert Bosch. The electric ignition patent showed undisputed perfection it is still used today for not just the automobile industry, but for many other industrial products such as washer/ dryers, electric appliances and medical equipment and more.

Knowing Secrets

Probably the most popular car in the world, Beetlehad a fascinating past. It was proposed by Adolf Hitler to make peoples car that can fit 5 people and deliver speed of 100km/h (62mph) later known as “Volks-Wagen” (“People’s Car”). Beetle was designed by Ferdinand Porsche founder of automotive design company, which became known as the Porsche Buro. Ferdinand also designed German tanks, Tiger I and Tiger II. The first

Porsche ever build was Porsche 356 created by Ferry Porsche son of Ferdinand Porsche. Porsche currently owns 31% of the Volkswagen car company.

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  2. The world welcomes Mr. Mansuetti in becoming the new President of Robert Bosch LLC. May his contributions offer greater opportunities for a wide array of industry and businesses, using the Bosch name and products. Best of luck Mr. Mansuetti.

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