Gotta talk Lady Gaga

Last December we asked Lady Gaga if she would be interested in buying a brand new Porsche Boxster and then painting it in a modern revision manner like how Janice Joplin painted her Porsche 356.
Without even having her drivers license at the time, she responded “sure; but will you buy me the car?”
Sadly there went that cool idea. No matter, just like a wonderful diva she is I love her singing voice and I wish her the happiest career.

Btw; paparazzi; please let her be and stop poking cameras at her or you’ll cause her to crash!

Now-a-days she is burning rubber in New York State in her brand new Audi.

man o man, the perfect car for her. Plus be super safe kiddo, and check you mirrors, it’s a madhouse out there.
While Janice had an assembly of rich cultural statement of the times I wonder what Lady Gaga would have ask for in terms of art on her car. Aliens? fashion? Something deep and meaningful?



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