A Bauer Porsche leaves roll up door open to share shop during Oakland Art Murmur

If you own a Porsche you likely have a strong appreciation of local art and artists. A. Bauer Repair continues its first Friday monthly tradition of allowing the general public to experience cars there.
Owner Cris Lanzetella states “C Tito Young, designer-visionary and abauerporsche blogger, excitingly introduces novices and those experienced on a fascinating journey tracing the history of one styled Porsche next to another.” and adds “I think this exposure for air cooled engines never gets lost in our spiraling technological ascents.” A. Bauer Repair also promises a variety of labor discounts to new customers plus offers much support in the potential purchase of pre-owned cars.
It’s my goal to share these fantastic machines, but go beyond the aspect of luxury sports car and find its practically in drivability and understanding mechanical repairs.” as Tito would remark. He has had the opportunity to study the vintage manufacturer diagrams, manufacturer original parts, all drawn before the days of computer aided design and understand how to apply to modern OEM aftermarket parts with vintage sizings. One of the previous Art Murmurs when asked what was his favorite Porsche it was explained to me by TIto like this. “while it may be easy to like $140K currently sold 991, there are plenty $10K turbo 944 or $20K 930 that will give you fantastic horsepower bang for the buck AND you can easily repair these cars.”
Join Chris, Tito and all the other fans at Oakland’s Art MURMUR tonight from 6-9pm.






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