Been there done that to my SWT and then wondered geez these fuses have nothing there? Turns out to be for oddball options mt car wasn’t setup to have.

Brown Car

Never ends eh? Car is 33 years old, headlight switch has lasted that long, what am I doing?

When researching headlight bucket rust repair I came across the recommendation to install the h4 update bulbs. Along with that recommendation came suggestions to install a “headlight switch bypass relay”. In the stock configuration the electricity that goes to the headlights is channelled through the headlight switch on the dash, and also through the left steering wheel stalk (for highbeams). These switches are relatively delicate, expensive and  a total bitch to replace.

Modern recommendation is to setup car to use a bypass relay. The light switches on dash and stalk communicate with the relays, the heavy duty relay directs the current from the battery to the headlights.

Some people claim this makes their lights brighter too (since the switches have more resistance than the new big wires and relays to/from the battery.

Some bad people…

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