Oh, lots of juicy projects- I’m impressed with the reward feeling them when I get done.


Why is it always the simple jobs that take the longest?

The refurbed alternator was back in the car and charging beautifully, with commuting and a few joy rides, that week I passed the 100 mile [without breakdown] mark. I have been taking things gently as the car has been standing for 5 years and I feel needs the engine running in again, which will give me a better idea of what work’s needed. There was one job however that I wanted to get under way as soon as possible, replacing the electric aerial.

I was keen to get a new aerial on for two reasons: first and foremost, I want to listen to the radio,  secondly, the principal that “the electric aerial is a barometer of [a car’s] reliability,” gospel according to PetrolBlog, a working aerial = a working car. I will need to consult with MajorGav to confirm whether replacing a broken aerial carries the same mojo as…

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