Vespa? Moto Guzzi? Or a subway pass? Here in San Francisco Bay Area our aged Public Transportation BART is in major risk of permanently shutting down (very few weeks away) due to deadly budget cuts. There will be a huge need for cars if that happens.


After 7 years of being a driver, I am, for the first time, car-less. Today I signed over my ownership of a car that has served me well for years. Living in London, I don’t need a car for every day and since moving back with my mum I need it even less than I did before. After repeated attempts at replacing the catalytic converter, exhaust and various bits and pieces, the last straw came earlier this year when my mechanic told me it would likely need a new gearbox. Considering it was only a cheap-ish car, it didn’t make sense to keep it. That and the fact that by giving it back I’ve wiped off around £6k worth of debt. Piece of advice for people who aren’t particularly savvy like me – check any finance agreement you sign up to!!

I thought I’d feel a bit sad about handing…

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