Allen West Republic

Uploaded by BizPacReview on Mar 14, 2012

By: Michele Kirk for BIZPAC Review

Congressman Allen West announced his support and co-sponsorship of the Safe Teen and Novice Uniform Protection, or STANDUP Act, at a teen driving event at Jupiter High School on Tuesday, as reported in BPR’s March 14 article “Allen West hits a Porsche while simulating texting and driving.”

The act, if passed, would ban teens from driving while texting, restrict driving with other teens and impose other limitations on young drivers. With 50 members of Congress, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and Allstate Insurance Co., among others, signed on, the bill seems to be “in good hands.”

But the conservative congressman, normally a prime target for left-wing criticism, is being blasted from his base on this one. The immediate responses posted as comments to the March 14 article expressed surprise at the federal restrictions being proposed. Readers noted that fundamental…

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