Nouri Safwan Othman Agha

German luxury car maker Porsche, in which Qatar holds a ten percent stake, is to recall 2,821 Cayenne models in the UAE over a potential headlight fault, a Dubai-based spokesperson has confirmed.

“The headlight locking system on current 2011 and 2012 Cayenne models is being reworked,” the Stuttgard-based car maker said in a statement. “In-house quality investigations revealed that in rare cases an incorrectly locked headlight module can become detached.”

Approximately 100,000 units of the Cayenne model line are being reworked globally, with 1,819 vehicles in Dubai and 1,002 in Abu Dhabi set to be recalled.

“The workshop job takes approximately 45 minutes and is free of charge for the customer,” a spokesperson said.

Overall sales were up 18.7 percent between January and November 2011, with the German car maker shipping 6,842 vehicles to the MENA region over the period.

“Positive for us are also the Panamera deliveries which are…

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