As promised, here are more pics of tuner cars from the Emirates. First off – some oldies: a Ferrari F430 by Novitec Rosso, a FAB Design widebody Merc SL and an ethanol powered (don’t be put off – it puts out more than 650 bhp) Rinspeed Chopster (a.k.a. chopped first-gen Porsche Cayenne). The Chopster is by far my favourite – and also the rarest of the three. I’ll give it to Rinsppeed: the quality of the mods was second-to-none and the interior, for that year (2006-2007), is simply amazing. It’s a really well sorted car, this. And fully homologated as well!  As for the Ferrari, I’m not a massive F430 fan, even less so when it comes to modded F430s. However, I have to admit that the fit and finish of the aero mods on this one was indeed impeccable. The Merc, well… It looks amazing, no doubt about it. I’m not…

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