Super informative and I went out and purchased a wash mitt just like that.

Retro and Classic Cars

Washing your car “incorrectly” will damage paint work, impart swirls and strip protection ie wax. I have put a brief description of how to wash your vehicle safely thus making your protection last longer and paint work look beautiful for many years to come.

First of all your going to need a lambs wool mitt, 2 buckets, one for wash solution and one for rinsing your mitt (this will be explained later), 2 grit guards, PH neutral shampoo, snow foam lance, PH neutral snow foam, acid free wheel cleaner, a soft wheel brush, and a drying towel.

Two buckets at the ready!

First of all I will remove all wheels, I will clean inside and out as well as remove all tar and iron fallout using a product called “Iron X” however lets keep this simple. Use a soft brush and acid free wheel cleaner on wheels. I’d recommend Valet…

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