Impala Adventures

There are many times in my life when I feel very privileged to be doing what I do. Here in Finland above the Arctic Circle I am instructing on the Porsche Winter Driving programme-Ice Force.

On Ice Force we have ten clients to teach, cajole and encourage over three days of intensive driver training on lake Pasasjarvi near Ivalo. The list of cars that they drive is mouth watering- The new Type 991, 911C2S, 997 Turbo, 997 Gen 2 911C4S and the Boxster. All of these cars are on 4mm spikes “stuck” into Nokian snow tyres and make these cars fast to drive on snow and ice.

Our instructor car is a 500bhp black 997 Turbo and I am enjoying driving this car on snow and ice. The finesse needed is extraordinary and it is a challenge that I am relishing.

This picture was taken outside the hut beside the…

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