Noisy Ninja

When we arrived in Macau I picked up a tourist map and to my surprise noticed that they had a Grand Prix Museum there.

I do love me a good car museum so we made sure there was time at the end of the day to go to this and it didn’t disappoint. Entry is free and we had the entire museum to ourselves!

They had a great variety of early and late model f1 cars.

Aryton Senna display.

The best way to fix something is by head butting it. 😛

e30 race car reminded me of Silas and his Shirosame –

Throw in a few race bikes for good measure. I’m no good with bikes so I dunno what class/or where they are from.

911 turbo safety car. Note the giant can opener in the back.

Was not expecting the dead mannequin at the front!

Driving simulators.


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