You can find some Porsche 911’s for under $20k.  Especially for ones around 1999-2001 model year.  Like this 1999 Porsche or this 2000 Porsche.

Well there is a reason these cars go for such good deals.  They have been known to have engines that blow up on you.  Boxsters and 911’s around this time period seem to have a weakness in the intermediate shaft.  Here’s some info on it and how it could be prevented.  There are many theories as to why a bunch will go forever without the problem, and others just go at anytime.  It is not a cheap fix when the engine goes.

In the case of the 2000 porsche for sale, this car may be a better bet to go with.  You get to start with a newer engine.  What are the chances of an engine going again in the same car…

Another strategy…

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