Fantastic said story wishing I was there to be part of it. Thanks millions for writing it. Next time bring me. :)))


OK, apologies for not posting this last night but honestly, I was shattered.

I must have spent 6 hours walking continuously doing a number of miles and by the time I was done getting home and going through the photos, it was 1am and I was drifting off to sleep.

Today my thighs are aching like a hookers crevice as proof of my day of non-stop walking, but at least I’m no longer tired, and so I bring you, my day and photos of the Autosport International Show!

The day started by waking at 6:30am and leaving at 7am in convoy from Bath with @Ljay91@tompy77@Boyracer_uk@jackstudholme@ARB1991@henryrenault45 and @Lamby_01 in two cars.

We got to the NEC in Birmingham by about 9:30am (would have been sooner but bladder vacation and breakfast were required enroute) and made our way to the show via what can only be described…

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