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Royal Falcon Fleet by Porsche Design, Swedish-built luxury catamaran mega yacht.

The ultimate in billionaire boys toys, the Royal Falcon Fleet is truly the first of its kind. Like the bird from which the company derives its name, every vessel in the Royal Falcon Fleet combines grace, elegance and speed. Royal Falcon Fleet – the last word in luxury at sea.

Porsche Design RFF135 Luxury Superyacht

40m Incat Crowther catamaran yacht IC0803 is a luxury vessel with naval architecture, marine and systems engineering and construction oversight by Incat Crowther, created for Royal Falcon Fleet. IC0803 superyacht features exterior styling and interior design by Porsche Design.

Mr M.A. Zaman, President and CEO of Royal Falcon Fleet, said:

“The arrival marks an important milestone in realizing my dream of introducing a completely new type of megayacht to the market. By bringing together the design flair of Porsche Design, the reliability of Swedish marine construction embodied by Kockums , the…

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