At this time of year, instinct is to look back at the year that has passed, what is really more productive is to look ahead at the year that lies in wait.  The past year has been good to VW, Audi, And Porsche, but will 2012 be as well?

The year ahead will be fraught with challenges for all of the car industry, but VW, Audi, and Porsche will be especially susceptible.  VW and Audi specifically have, in a way, two home markets.  Europe, of course, but also China.  One of their largest markets is undergoing huge market instability, while the other is a bubble about to burst (potentially).  Porsche on the other hand has to rely on there not being a global economic crisis AND there not being a backlash against the wealthy.  In reality, Porsche seems to be in the best position to weather any potential storm, but the…

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