auto d' femme

The automotive industry has reached a feat of great magnitude.  BMW successfully launched a trial drive from Munich to Nuremberg on a high-speed autobahn.  You must be asking yourself, what sort of trial drive would generate so much hype?  The journey through Germany was made with no driver input- that’s right, driverless.

The company’s driving expert Ulrich Pfundmeier says, “My personal opinion is that in 10 or 15 years we will drive on the highway at a speed of maybe 120 [km/h] (75 mph for those of us who are non-European).  You put in the navigation system where you want to go and on the highway you will go, and maybe read the newspaper.”

Basically according to, the way it works is it utilizes BMW’s pre-existing technology such as active cruise control systems that can monitor traffic and adjust the car’s speed accordingly.  It then uses combined technologies such as…

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