Vacation to Monaco and a nice blog. What are all those yachts doing there?!?! Do they ever leave?

La Petite Aussie: An Aussie beauty Editor with a passion for travel and living like a french person.

Christmas in the South of France? Yes please. This year it’s been warm sunshine, crisp and clear blue sky, fresh mountain air, and clear roads leading to Monaco.

The summer wannabes have all gone, making way for a simple, yet sophisticated winter holiday maker – perhaps even allowing the locals to enjoy their own principality. Summer or winter, we love the window shopping, the cars, and the outdoor swimming pool located harbour side. In the Summer, we soak up the sun, and cool down with a dip in the salt water pool, all the while having the multi-million dollar yachts in our sights.

Come winter, la piscine located by the main harbour becomes an ice rink and this year it is surrounded by an international Christmas market. We can smell the churos, waffles, and hot chocolate. Burgers, pizza, kebab, crepes and Nutella – need I go on? I indulge in an Italiano…

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