Performance chips breath new life into the limitations of the elite

When it comes to sport cars we expect perfection, but unfortunately sometimes the limitations of how these magnificent machines are constructed leave something to be desired. There are many options available on the market to boost how well your vehicle performs, however many of these will add horsepower but not a lot for efficiency.

When wanting the best from all of these worlds there are several options available. Since the 1970s there have been tuning chips out there in the automotive industry that can allow your vehicle to push farther, harder, faster, and if used properly, more efficiently than would otherwise be possible. This was first only found in select models, but now you can find them ranging from Porsche to Audi performance chips and each has the capacity to give you more out of your vehicle.

The tuning chip is used by installing it into your sport cars engine control unit (ECU), which than gives the owner access to the cars functioning systems. This includes things like being able to adjust the car’s spark timing, fuel injection, or even the throttle. You can program and set valve timing, or change the electronic stability control. You can even fluctuate between options with the speed governor if you have one in your car.

Even though the device itself has been used progressively in the industry throughout the course of the past couple of decades, popularity regarding the performance chip has dramatically increased in just these last few years. There are some real world benefits to adding a Porsche or Audi. Some drivers have reported being able to adjust their car to get as much as 25 to 30 more horsepower, and added an average of seven miles to the gallon more in fuel efficiency.

The reality is there are a whole host of options available out there to give your car more of an edge. This can be found in performance parts and car accessories of all sorts. But truly gaining complete mastery over your vehicle can only come from getting control of the ECU. Using a Porsche or Audi performance chip can give you the extra power and domination over your engine you need to have the car of your dreams.


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