Driving the Porsche 928.

It is said… that 911 guys simply don’t like the  Porsche 928.     Though I understand what may be the reason, in reality, that reason is simply unfounded.   The 928 is a real car…. i mean a REAL car.

I learned today that you could compare this to the Ferrari Testarossa, Mercedes 500 series or for that matter the Corvette.   The banks of 8 cylinders is no joke and this car is quite opposite to the nimble sportiness of either the 911, 912, 944.  I would almost put the 928 in contention with having a lowered Cayenne.  The shear control in size, like taming of the bull or an iron sled, its mass is nothing to be overlooked.  It growls as it seems to vociferously gobbles up any thick pavement.  Your only control is barely feeding its infinite appetite by not pressing too hard on the gas pedal.

The outside of the is sleek, massive, like a 911 on steroids.  The body seems to envelope the human in a cocoon of steel and glass.  Even when still the wind resistance is futile to the intersecting slice of the 928 wedge.  When driven, its even more true.  One of this particular car’s downfall is the misconception of speed.    I’ve heard about it, I’ve read about but when you can experience it yourself .. it is indescribable.  I found myself on a 35mph track in second and third gear and in just two short miles, maybe a less than a couple of minutes I was feeling bored, wanting to take this thing to a limit.   As there was an increase in speed, almost no changes between running at 45 to 90mph.  The car handled perfectly with no rush of wind, swaying, noise or bucking.   I didn’t even shift past 4th and the car was moving at a 110mph and I felt like I was still going 45mph.   Remarkable as it was, there was complete faith this car could do well over 150 and no consequences performance and stability.

The 928 is one of my other favorite Porsche to drive, just don’t tell any of my 911 friends.


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