Porsche 934 Turbo changed a lot of hands.

Chassis Num: 930 670 0161

One of my most favorites competition cars is the  Porsche Type 934/5 Competition Coupe.   It was the 28th 934/5 example produced by Porsche, delivering lightening fast performance. Belgian business owners , Losch and Nicholas Kobb, ordered from Porsche and bought new this yellow livery car specific to offer both owner and driver duties.   Performing very well, this car was raced at Zolder, then only after one performance was sold.  Hans Christian Jurgensen of Flensburg, Germany bought the car in 1976, and modified it slightly.  The car then saw the racing circuit for three whole years often finishing in the top three places.

Porsche Racing Enthusiast Armando Gonzales of Puerto Rico bought this car in 1979.  Almost immediately, after purchase in 1979, sent the car to Chuck Gaa of Atlanta Georgie.  New modifications included a high mounted gearbox to reduce drive shaft angularity.   The car also offered stiffer roll-cage structure for occupant safety.  By 1982, the car raced at LeMans and several other international circuits.    It was then in 1982 that another Porsche collector Kikos Fonseca saw the car and had to own it.

Kikos Fosenca’s raced the car in several important IMSA and South American events. At some point during this time period, updates were made, converting it to a 935-style fiberglass nose and tail with air scoop penetrating the rear screen to feed air to the massive multi fin intercooler. The time and energy to own this car must have been intense.  Still a very fast car, it wasn’t hard to sell auction in 1988.

In 1990, the car was registered for street and freeway uses for four years.   It was owned and well cared for till the owner exchanged for a Ferrari 275 GTB/4.   The ex-Ferrari owner had restoration ambitions that never happened.  Instead, it was  Jim Torres of Burbank Coachworks who eventually fully restored it in 1999. Upon completion, it was brought to venues such as Daytona and Willow Springs with screaming lap times.

In 2008, this Type 934/5 Competition Coupe was brought to the ‘Quail Lodge, A Sale of Exceptional Motorcars and Automobilia‘ presented by Bonhams Auction where it was estimated to sell for $375,000 – 425,000.

The car is still for sale, with an estimated price around $425,000.


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