Is owning a Porsche the same as having a few Porsche Facebook Groups?

Everything is on the internet now.   You can practically type any word in a small one line Google box at the top of any open url and get perfect information regarding anything.   As with this blog, centering over 13,000 views distributed over just a handful of stories and reports I put on here, makes me wonder who is reading this material.
I do find many that read my material and comment based not on ownership but as an enthusiast.

So who are these 13,000 views anyway?  I must say a bunch are researching Google to find answers or even vendor links.  Some originate through Facebook, while others might be A. Bauer Repair customers that want to have a fresh perspective on cars and mechanics.  Whatever the reason, the purpose of this blog is to mentor a lost art of classic car repair.   That vintage era proved we did get many things right,  without technology.   At the same time, our earth wasn’t suffering natural resources as it today… and only because of greed are we now paying the price.

Facebook is interesting because its own users have that tendency to encapsulate a favorite ideal through liking of groups.  As an experimentation, I had like one or two Porsche groups that I liked.  Then, I “facegrouped” up with a popular Porsche Club of America member, a Vintage Porsche owner and photographer and Porsche purist into the finer things in life.  At that point, even without trying, my exposure to Porsche simply exploded.

For the first time I could see a cult blow itself out of proportion.  This cult was larger the the Broadway Play CATS, or more than midnight theater showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.   Even better, Facebook allows shared remarks and comments based on a variety of open personal ideology.   What is even better happens to be the caring and concerns over both political and economic issues outside “a rich man’s car” and that in so many ways, anyone can get into the game and never even drive a Porsche.  Heck, if you really think about it, its way more fun for me to upgrade and tinker with my car than to drive it.

The groups are interesting, and so many of the members cross a wide variety of interests.   Photographs by many Facebook members cover everything from drives, events, mechanical upgrades, bodywork, art images, marketing.  There is simply so much there.   Any Porsche purist will loves sharing all ultimate Porsche journeys at manufacturing plants, local German sales shops, racetracks, touring back roads, repair shops… and furthermore its all on Facebook.   I think much of this shouldn’t go unnoticed. It is clear, with or without owning a Porsche, you can experience the very same excitements of that exposure.

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