Ayrton Senna owned a Porsche 911 and drove the backroads of Rio.

Ayrton Senna 911

Not just another Porsche owner, Ayrton Senna, (b. March 21 1960 – d. May 1, 1994) must have enjoyed driving the Brazilian city streets and back roads in his Arctic White 80’s Porsche 911.

He probably was just as hypnotized by the sweeping past his windshield trees covered in a purple and white flowers, nationally acclaimed Ipê-amarelo (Tecoma chrysostricha).  With his top down he could glance up and watch swatches of color blur past.

So what must have made this person tick to drive so accurately?   He must have had fast reaction times or a sense of memory and flow.  If you think about it, one could drive a track based on visual and then intuition and finally memory.   The better safer combination would be visual + intuition + memory forcing reaction.   Other cars would just be there to slow someone down.   I think it was Senna’s particular gift to get on a track, with full memorization of all curves, sways, lines and then with some intuition and vision could go faster than someone else using just vision.     Vision alone would be a reaction time, but if you had the patterns memorized, you could react faster.   As long as you were not distracted, you wouldn’t worry about vision as much because, you already had everything else dialed in.  Senna would be able to put himself into a track layout and knowing the expectation of his car, could drive it faster than anyone else.

In Rio De Janerio, his hometown would be loaded with hundreds of miles of roads and streets he would drive around.   He would have memorized locations of every cross walk, one ways and terrain to maximize his smoothness in his 911.  A racetrack, undoubtedly shorter and much less distractions, would be a far safer place for him to maximize acceleration.

From the University of Brazil, he could get on B.R. 101 and coast drive west 50 miles to Mangaratiba and decide to take the uphill mountain road highway RJ-149 40 miles to Pirai‘ and from there swoop back to Rio, using the winding curved ‘Rod. Pres Durtra’ highway BR 116 through Belford Roxo and back to the University in Rio.      In the distance described, there would have changes in terrain, straightaways, curves, swoops and weaving traffic… just about every condition imaginable.

Enjoy the new movie SENNA, if you haven’t seen it.    Have a great week.

8 responses to “Ayrton Senna owned a Porsche 911 and drove the backroads of Rio.

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  2. First of all, that Porsche in the picture has Portuguese license plates, and was driven by Senna in Portugal.

    Also, Senna didn’t lived in Rio, but in S. Paulo!!!

    • Senna spent much of his adult life in Europe, and spending any time driving in and around that part of Brazil, he could develop quick reactions to both road and car. This is a skill background he may have developed.

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  4. Senna Viveu muito tempo livre na sua casa da quinta do lago, Algarve, Portugal. Esta região a Sul do pais e conhecida pela sua costa linda, praias paradisíacas e casas fabulosas.
    O porche estava lá e foi adquirido e circulava em Portugal e não no brasil. Lol

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