Porsche: In the Midst of Summer

If you are like me, you are probably enjoying your Porsche in midst of summer.

However in this particular summer, the enjoyment in my Porsche, is all the “DIY or Do-It-Yourself” repair projects that I am proudly assisted by mechanics at A. Baure Porsche in Oakland, California.

My particularly needy 1969 Porsche 911T has a variety of interesting projects with many completed and a few left to go.   Starting off the year I’ve factory replaced the battery, alternators voltage regular, fan belt.  I was very surprised just how easy it is to do these crucial maintenance jobs.   With the assistance of a body shop, bumper straightening and some dings here and there were made to make my 911 look brand new.

My car isn’t a concourse by any means.  It was purchased it a few years back having a 1971 2.2L Mechanical Fuel Injection and a 1970 901 transmission.  The car came with aluminum trailing arms, updated seats and braided brake lines.    The overall car was in very nice condition, sans rust or other hell hole issues, but even then there was a laundry list of adjustments and attentions that needed to be done.   Having already been “molested” I could have no fear it would be a driver and not a trailer queen.  Even better, while some Porsche will moderately lose value to European Markets not being 100% stock, my car being a rare Soft Windows would certainly keep its value.    Thus, it was this reason my sparked adventure of DIY projects began.

The 2. 2L Mechanical Fuel Injection was nice, but it highly lacked many mechanics 40 years later to keep it tuned.    Eventually, due to an unfortunate issue with getting its engine ceased, it was traded out for a very low mile 3.2L with Motronic.    I outfitted the engine with new racing cams, cross drilling the crankshaft for oil bypass, and a very interesting, non-factory BAT aftermarket oil cooler.  Part of the upgrade was taking advantage of getting SSI heat exchangers installed and even better a real stock sounding muffler.  In that time I’ve had this car, projects included seatbelts work, gauges, all lights, hubs, brakes, transmission clutch plate, shocks, bushings, clutch pedal assembly, shifter know assembly, and rebuilding of H1 headlamps.  Other cool jobs include rebuilding rear axles and installing them; so now my car has brightly clean FACTORY looking boots under it.  I’ve learned to torque, rack, power tool, scrape, bolt, adjust, and having to assemble nuts and bolts from parts in a cardboard box with my memory like a steel trap.   The excellent part of doing this, is the satisfaction of DIY.  The targa top will soon be on the repair list as so interior cab work getting the dashboard and instrumentation panel to look 1969 stock with the ’88 engine.

Though can be a bit time consuming and maybe costly, I hope to bring inspiration for others to to take this path.  It is still worth it.



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