The skyrocketing values of the Porsche 911

In 1973 I was in the 9th grade, and it was then my conservative father was eyeballing german engineering. Some of you might have remembered the campaign by Porsche stating their 911 RS as “the driving machine”. At that time my Dad was pushing fifty, and probably saw that $10,000 beast as expensive. At that time, median prices of homes still lingered at $35,000 while a full fledged new car would be hard pressed to touch $5000.00. So like for so many people in the same boat, practicality outweighed investments and he bought something else.
Just last month, a Porsche 911 RS sold for $350,000 plus!

The question is, is this kind of investment potential still possible? There are now four models of Porsche that still have it’s potential of strongly sliding into that oblivion of skyrocketing costs. There has been a significant rise in prices for the 928, 944, and 914. Tuners and restoration shops are becoming really good about correcting stock and problematic issues with higher reliability aftermarket products. furthermore the driving factor is still impressive by today’s standard. It’s starting to make lots of sense on that keeping your 944 turbo and alternating it to exceed the expectations of new model cars. Just recently there was even customer that bought a used 86 944 turbo one is now forever sorting out quirks that will find himself with a very nice car. These kinds of stories are not isolated, because like this trend is dictating there is even another report of a guy that bought a roller 914 for $750 and with $45,000 turned it into an absolute jewel complete with the unusual six cylinder option. The key being he knew where and how to setup upgrades.
Just this month, the 1980 Porsche 911 SC took a nice $6000 increase in value, setting low values at $17,600 and high values at a whopping $23,500. “there is a chance as 911 become even more desirable and the cost of ownership becoming offset with the fact you don’t need a $15k-30k analysis and diagnosis computer to figure out if your fan belt is loose”. We can see these cars reaching $45,000 or more with the huge plus that these kinds of cars will be the next strongest contender to own for it’s fun value and investment. “we know guys that own and daily drive these cars for very little money, only because they can research help on the Internet“. Some mechanic shops are seeing it more and more that it is common to find customers that want help with the most crucial parts and will do the rest themselves. All 911 cars between 1966-1989 are becoming more and more harder to find.
So if you are in any market to own, start checking it out so you don’t end up “with something else”.
Incidentally, the 928 is a fantastic machine, and if you have never seen one, you would not be surprised it could hit the $45,000 price range too.


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  1. Diagnosis software for modern Porsches e being sold for $250 which is about the same for equivelant software for othe r modern cars

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