Which Porsche will be the used car of the future?

I asked myself that question and undoubtedly I think it has to be the Boxster.    In the Bay Area a used Porsche Boxster, in great condition, twelve years old, is selling as little as $5000. If immaculate, a Boxster might run $9000.   What makes this car really interesting, is technical research with ways to improve older cars with internal computers, major mechanical bugs are getting worked out.   What is unique is that this particular model of car has remained about as unchanged as the 911 during its run of years.

The Boxster (968) got its name from blending a Karl Benz design of horizontally opposed “flat” engine and “2 seater convertible roadster”.  Roadster of course being a design closer to the Porsche 550.   Introduced in late 1996 its 2.5L six cylinder engine was a stir for American markets.    Using the old Porsche 928 facility in Stuttgart, in the year 2000 Porsche released a 2.7L engine for its base model.   It became so popular that not much longer later, the city of Uusikaupunki, Finland became the site for more quantities of Porsche.   With then also the thirst for a need for greater power and speed, you could then buy the exciting Porsche S 3.2L engine.

The next generation of Boxster was a type 987.  It was a huge success and finally Porsche had a car that would be as notable in speed and performance as the Cayman… but not the 911.  In terms of recalls, they were limited too simply exterior lights and airbags.  Most have been corrected.

The boxster’s midengine design gave the car a performance advantage by its engine being located in the middle part of the car.   This gives the car a cornering advantage because unlike the 911 you won’t get under steer and your car won’t spin out behind you.   One of the biggest mysteries of the boxster is getting to its engine.  Its not in back, nor its in the front.

To get to the engine, you need to open the top about 12 in, this will pull back the metal cabriolet cover just enough to get yourself to unattached metal cables on either side of the car.  The the trunk cover open, just behind the seats,  you can open the 4 screws and remove both cabriolet chains and lift the top up.    Once there you will get access to to change air filter or check power steering fluid.  If you need to check spark plugs you gotta go underside.   To check oil, or battery or brakes, you get to those from the front.   Here at A. Bauer Repair, an Independent Shop we can help you out (like Pre Purchase Inspections).    Never the less, like I would suggest with any Porsche owner is having an owners manual in your glove box or trunk.   Just to do that operation.

Also..while having it open, clear out all leaves as well.

So.. as the used car of the future, the Boxster will be here to stay.   It’s a great car to own and more and more parts will be better related in buying a new one.

2 responses to “Which Porsche will be the used car of the future?

  1. Hmmmm, Good one, though i think it would be the 550 Spyder, due its round shapes, and since futuristic cars mostly looks similar to that kind of car, i guess ”they” would rather go for that kind of design… But we’ll see, we’ll see.

  2. Interesting observation. If I had to decide which “shape” I liked more, the Boxster or the 550, I would say they were actually very strong. That new Sypder as with all Boxster candidates would make for great electric cars, plus the fact that there are so many millions of them. The 550, however, even in kit form are rare and with stipulations of fast moving rebels would always want to remain stock. Should be bring back the 550 shape when we do have a Boxster.. is a start for a great debate.

    “Draft another Guiness brew please”

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